At Els Menuts de la Pineda we look after children’s welfare and happiness as well as their parent’s peace of mind in knowing they have chosen the best school for their children’s care and education.

We are especially aware of the individual growth and development of each child. Teachers, at all times, are sensitive to a child’s character and personal needs, and each child is respected as an individual.  We like working with the collaboration of parents and families since we believe in the importance of a good communication between families and schools (either in person or via e-mail).

Each child is unique and has lived in different circumstances that may be similar or not to those of other children at the nursery: family, language, habits…

There are more than 14 different nationalities at Els Menuts de la Pineda. That's why we promote integration, coexistence and respect for different genders, cultures and traditions.

We work in three basic areas that guide our educational program: Diversity, Sustainability and Peace.

We have chosen a nursery surrounded by nature so that children have the opportunity to work on their academic and emotional skills whilst being aware of nature and understanding respect for others and for the earth.

Authorized centre by the Generalitat  -  Centre code 08071640