At Els Menuts de la Pineda we base our educational approach on the harmonic development of children.

We move in 3 main areas;

1/ Psychomotor Activities:
We observe the psychomotor skills of the children (movement and motor response as an expression of physical maturity) this being the main thread of our study of their development. This development reaches its maximum importance in childhood when the foundations are built that will define, along with their experiences, the future identity of children.

The implementation of an appropriate psychomotor program has a positive impact on the individual and enhances other areas of global development such as motor skills, language and social and emotional adaptation.

2/ Meaningful Learning:
Our educational approach clearly differentiates between the maturity of the child and learning. We aim for a learning process in harmony with the physical and emotional maturity of the child.

We base our method on meaningful learning, that which relates to the actual level of child development. We strive to give children space for leisure-based experiences (play at this age is the basis of learning) motivating and enabling them to connect with their needs and concerns. (We believe that teaching for teaching’s sake is for storing data and nothing more. If what I know has no relation to who I am then what I have learned has no logic.

During their stay at the nursery the children are given a coherent and progressive program that takes into account their individual needs and physical and emotional maturity.

Our task, among others, is to devise play-based, coherent programs which are stimulating and attractive, using experimentation and in direct contact with nature.  Discovering new things, children learn without realizing, through play, experimentation and creativity.

3/ Personal and Social Adaptation:
We observe the development and personal needs of the children together with our team of educators monitoring their physical and emotional development. We also offer space in situations of personal crisis.


  • To harmoniously encourage the development of intellectual abilities, motor skills and social and emotional growth of the children.
  • To enhance creativity, interest and curiosity for discovery.
  • To ensure the children’s safety and meet their physiological and psychological needs.
  • To transmit through daily activities and routines clear guidelines aimed at achieving habits and security, to facilitate the acquisition of new learning, gradually allowing the acquisition of self-help skills like eating, hygiene, tidiness...)
  • To enhance coexistence between children and educators as well as the coexistence between different families in order to promote equality between people of different genders, cultures and physical and mental capabilities.

Authorized centre by the Generalitat  -  Centre code 08071640